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Ah, Spring and New Beginnings.

Fruits and vegetables are just gorgeous as spring is in full swing (enjoy it now before the mosquitoes take us all away), so we are taking advantage of it.  This week we’ve added another Spinach Salad, and this one has a Hot Bacon Dressing as well as Bacon (seems to be my theme ingredient), Sliced Egg, Mushrooms, and Red OnionPosole Rojo is back with New Mexico Chiles – just add a little squeeze of lime and … perfection, especially with the Stone-Ground Corn Muffin!  For those of you that are eyeing bikinis this summer (yes, I eye them, too, but only in catalogs), we have a Roasted Red Pepper Soup that is so tasty & good for you that even your bikini will be too big.  Among other items, our Barbecue Pulled Pork Sandwiches are back and so is our Pesto (the basil is spectacular) with Sun-Dried Tomatoes.  Mmmmm.  Desserts:  Crème Brulee, Chocolate Mousse with Chantilly Cream, Bananas Foster, Laura’s Bread Pudding, and Fruit with Chantilly Cream.

We sang and danced ourselves silly on St. Patrick’s Day when we gave it up for Karaoke.  Super fun – so we’ll be scheduling that again, along with another Cheese Class and a Wine Tasting.  And on a personal note, Easter is only a couple of weeks away, and I plan to put away a rasher or two of bacon that day.  Just so you know.    

Elaine aka Queen Bee 


A New Year…New Hope and New Diets!!

Well, my guess is that many of you have taken down your holiday trimmings and thrown away (or eaten) all that candy that was in your stockings.  We joined a fitness club (another near-yearly event) and have every intention of using it liberally, although experience tells me that it may just be something I like to think about from a prone position (and I don’t mean reclining on a weight bench, either).

It’s New Year’s Resolution time, and we have a couple of dishes that you may be interested in trying – our Tortilla Soup has less than 350 calories and 5.5 grams of fat.  If you opt out of the cheese & tortillas, it’s only 96 calories and .5 grams of fat (but who would choose to leave the best part out of the soup?).  Or get fresh housemade Pasta with our own Marinara Sauce – only 350 calories.  For dessert this week, our Yogurt, Fruit, and Granola Parfait is low cal and low fat.  Ahh, the luxury of being virtuous without giving up fabulous flavor!

And for luck, order Hoppin’ John – it’s fresh black eyed peas in a sausage stew.  I want to be sure my luck’s all good, so I’m chowing down.

Try one of our coffee drinks while it’s chilly – deliciously named: Gran Godiva, The Dream Cream, Café Almond, and Irish Coffee.  We can even make them with decaf coffee so you can sleep when you get home.

Still serving soups, stews, and other toasty fare to keep your tummy warm during these short days (hurry up, spring!).

Elaine aka Queen Bee