Bedford's Best Wine and Cheese Experience

Waxing on…

Well, I made beer at home last month. A nice Pale Ale that I bottled and have been examining closely in the refrigerator for the last two weeks. It’s gorgeous. Sunday it gets tasted. If it is any good at all (and I’m quite certain it will be), I’ll bring a few bottles up to Bizzi’s for discriminating beer tasters to critique. Don’t know if you noticed, but the White House released their own Honey Porter and Honey Ale recipes, and with the election coming up, I’m going to brew up some White House Honey Ale (without the White House Honey – I’ll use something local). We’ll pop it on election night regardless of who wins — just get out there and vote!

Fall vegetables and fruits are starting to appear – pears, apples, pumpkins, butternut squash. Love those foods! As we fall into fall, our menu will have a few seasonal adjustments. For example, next week we’ll be changing our Spinach with Fruit Salad – we’re adding tart Granny Smith Apples, Dried Cranberries, Toasted Walnuts, and a crumble of creamy Bleu Cheese. Several other new items will be appearing — Crisp Roasted & Herbed Airline Chicken, Grilled Salmon that can be added to salads, a lunch-time Grilled Beef Filet. Crazy good desserts, and other good stuff, too.
We’ll be offering some great German Oktoberfest brewskis & food to match next month, so don’t miss them. And mark your calendars for our Wine & Food Pairing Dinner on Saturday, October 27. We’ll publish the menu, wines, and cost soon.

Elaine aka Queen Bee


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