Bedford's Best Wine and Cheese Experience

Book Review…and New Chef. And Not in that Order.

Well, I just finished reading Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain – a (former) chef in
Manhattan, NY. Wow. I can only say that our lives are much tamer…but it was a hugely
interesting book about running a restaurant and being a chef (versus a good cook). Especially
germane since we have a new chef!

We are excited to have snagged Sarah Hoyer, who graduated from Ballymaloe Cooking
Program in Ireland (oh, so cool) and then Johnson & Wales. She’s been out of school for a few
years and working in our area in some great places, and we are delighted that she’s bringing
her perspective to us at Bizzi’s. Sarah is putting her stamp on our menu, so expect to see some
changes that tie with seasonal foods and locally raised meats & cheeses.

It’s late July and we are all melting in the heat – so don’t forget our ice-cold martinis (and it’s
5:00 somewhere) and beers to go with our cosmopolitan wine selection!

Elaine aka Queen Bee


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