Bedford's Best Wine and Cheese Experience

Heads up for July 4th week … and Karaoke!

We will be closed on Tuesday & Wednesday, July 3rd and 4th.  My adorable grandkids are coming to sleep over (and I use the term “sleep” very loosely), and we’ve cleared our calendars to hang out with them. 

We will offer our usual Tuesday drink specials (both wine & martinis) on Thursday so you won’t miss out – so watch the fireworks and then come in hungry & thirsty!   Our summer menu is still in place with weekly treats – this week we have Honeydew Melon Sorbet, which nearly makes me forget about the blinding heat outside.

We have another night of Karaoke scheduled:  Saturday, July 14th.  Our terrific DJ, Josh, will start signing up you crooners at 7:30 or so, and then we’ll stay open until midnight.  This time around we’ll be offering a more extended menu for dinner & party foods.  We expect to hear lots of warbling and promise to keep you sated (maybe not with the singing, but certainly with the yummy foods & bevvies). 

Call or email us to sign up – 817-281-9500 or

More news to come – next time, I’ll introduce you to our new look and our new employees!       


Elaine aka Queen Bee 


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