Bedford's Best Wine and Cheese Experience

Join us for our upcoming events!!

Lots of fun coming up in the next few weeks!

Saturday, May 5 – Starting at 1:00 p.m., we’re offering Kentucky Derby foods in addition to our regular menu.  We’ll also be watching the event (and will provide you all with programs so you can follow your favorite horse).  Lady’s Hat Contest – judging right after the Derby (4:30-5:00-ish).  Texas Rangers tickets for the winner!  Horseshoes outside.  Mint Juleps.  Then we clear out and get ready for Cinco de Mayo & Karaoke!  Regular menu stops at 7:00 p.m. then we’ll be serving $5 appetizers all night long!  The singing starts at 8:00 – bring your voice or someone who can sing.   

Wednesday, May 30Brad Thompson will be coming back to croon his way into our hearts all over again (not that he ever really left).  Details to come.

We will be closed Saturday, April 28 through Wednesday, May 2 for a family event!  Re-opening Thursday, May 3rd to get ready for the weekend!  See you then.

Elaine aka Queen Bee 


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