Bedford's Best Wine and Cheese Experience

Wassail’s a-heating!

Hopefully everyone had a nice Thanksgiving holiday – I took laziness to a new level by sleeping late every day, watching old movies non-stop, and ignoring the dust bunnies (which may have made the transformation to deadly dust rabbits) under my beds. We started drinking wassail on Thanksgiving and decided to serve it here this weekend and beyond! It’ll warm you up all night long – and make you forget you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping (or like me, haven’t started it).

Warming you up this week: Potato-Corn Chowder and Chili. Along with our usual home-cooked fare, we’ve got wonderful stone-ground cornbread muffins and pumpkin mousse cheesecake, too, and this weekend we’ll be featuring Pasta a la Norma (yeah, go look it up – interesting story…and why can’t I have a pasta named after me?) and Molten Chocolate Cakes.

Leslie tells me that we’re keeping Martini Tuesdays. She’ll change up the mix a little bit (and keep bringing us ideas, peeps – I can’t wait for the Lavender-Infused Martini) but as usual, will keep it fun.

We had a great brunch last weekend – we’ll be thinking about a repeat sometime soon. Come see us to have a relaxing moment after the holiday traffic & shopping madness.
Elaine aka Queen Bee


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