Bedford's Best Wine and Cheese Experience

We Looked Up and Suddenly It’s September

Now it’s time to enjoy the fall, which, by all accounts, comes every year about this time.  This week we dared the hot weather and made a wonderful spicy Bolognese sauce as an accompaniment for our homemade pasta.  Lo and behold, it stayed nice and cool outside.  Here’s hoping that the awful heat & dry spell are coming to an end – it means that we can look toward yummy fall vegetables without having to buy greens every day!  Soon – soups, stews, and hearty sauces.

This week…new things:  vanilla bean crème brulee, new pasta sauces, red velvet cupcakes, and more.  We hired another great hand in the kitchen – Candice.  She’s doing her externship here as a part of her Le Cordon Bleu program to graduate as a pastry chef.  Needless to say, my jeans aren’t getting any looser.  My dear husband who has served us well as our dessert taster ate three peach cobblers last week (and yes, they’re all gone now – peach season has passed) and probably five crème brulees this week.  Then he says he wants me to help him lose weight.  Hmmmm…


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