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Springing into Fall…Then We’ll Fall into Winter.

Something about Fall (my favorite season, by the way…although I can be persuaded that Spring and Summer have their features).  We’ve been energized by the cooler weather – and our veggies are also energized (if vegetables could actually BE energized), which means that they aren’t wilting in the 100-plus heat.  This week:  French onion soup, wild mushrooms in marsala sauce on tagliatelle pasta, and tomorrow we’ve been told that we’ll be eating a pear and almond dessert cooked by Candice, our new pastry extern from Le Cordon Bleu.  And (is it just me?) I’ve got a hankering for a BLT on fresh bread with homemade mayo, juicy red tomatoes, fat bacon. In fact, you can hold the lettuce and add another slice of bacon.

Next week we’re bringing back…due to customer demand…sliders and pasta with bacon & asiago red pepper sauce (it is fall, after all).

We have some new wines here, and tasted some unbelievable ciders today – but they won’t arrive until next week.  Just wait until we do cider and cheese pairings.  Delish.  In the meantime, come in and enjoy this beautiful fall.

We’d like to have a brunch in early November on a weekend.  Anyone interested? Drop me a line at

Elaine aka Bizzi


We Looked Up and Suddenly It’s September

Now it’s time to enjoy the fall, which, by all accounts, comes every year about this time.  This week we dared the hot weather and made a wonderful spicy Bolognese sauce as an accompaniment for our homemade pasta.  Lo and behold, it stayed nice and cool outside.  Here’s hoping that the awful heat & dry spell are coming to an end – it means that we can look toward yummy fall vegetables without having to buy greens every day!  Soon – soups, stews, and hearty sauces.

This week…new things:  vanilla bean crème brulee, new pasta sauces, red velvet cupcakes, and more.  We hired another great hand in the kitchen – Candice.  She’s doing her externship here as a part of her Le Cordon Bleu program to graduate as a pastry chef.  Needless to say, my jeans aren’t getting any looser.  My dear husband who has served us well as our dessert taster ate three peach cobblers last week (and yes, they’re all gone now – peach season has passed) and probably five crème brulees this week.  Then he says he wants me to help him lose weight.  Hmmmm…

Learning Life’s Lessons

Last Friday night, we got our heads handed to us. Not quite literally, but certainly figuratively. By 7:00 p.m., we had a one-hour wait, and we had pulled in extra tables and chairs to accommodate customers. By 8:30 p.m., back in the kitchen we had broken three wine glasses, one water glass, an olive oil cruet, and a few of our spirits (and not the alcoholic kind). Our floor crew was ragged and sweaty. By 9:00 p.m., we closed – no more pasta or flatbreads. Wine was flowing copiously, so we were emptying our stock as fast as we could open bottles. By 9:30 p.m., we served desserts. By 10:30 p.m., we’d dried our tears, put on our big girl panties, and the kitchen was spotless. Thankfully we were closed Saturday to celebrate our daughter’s college graduation and to GET OVER IT (I’m not bitter…just shellshocked).

So…what’s new this week? A lunch and dinner menu, a NOW HIRING sign (we need both kitchen and floor help), and some training manuals. We’ll be bringing in some fresh cheeses this week from Mozzarella Cheese Company (among others) and will have some nice specials – both pastas and desserts. Now that the weather has broken we’ll be looking towards soups, stews, and winter sauces. Mmmmmm. Bring me some comfort food!