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Weee’re back!

Just arrived back from New York City and our intensive Cheese Boot Camp (and just one Broadway show).  We spent three days in class and tried over 60 cheeses…plus spent time making cheese plates, seeing cheese caves, and pairing cheeses with wine, cider, and beer.  Our class instructor told us that we each ate four pounds (yes, not ounces) of cheese each.  We do feel a bit cheesy – but aren’t sick of tasting good stinky cheeses yet.

We tried a few new (new to the world, not only to us) cheeses that we’ll be bringing to you here at Bizzi’s hopefully by the weekend.  Hopefully we won’t bore you to death and be cheese goobers, but you may have to stop us – our feelings won’t be hurt.

Also we’ve been trying new twists on our ciabatta bread and baguettes.  Back to our food tastings…fresh bread out of the oven with fresh cream cheese & homemade orange marmalade.  Must be accompanied with a fresh cup of coffee.  With cream. 

Look for us to be putting on a cheese class in September on a Saturday afternoon…after the weather breaks a bit. 

Elaine aka Bizzi 


You’ll be learning more about cheese – because we will know more about it!

Tracy, James, and I are heading to New York City on Thursday, where we will be taking a class to learn more about cheese!  We signed up for “Cheese Boot Camp”, which will hopefully give us more knowledge about cheese regions, history, chemistry (that will appeal to Tracy, our Velvet Hammer), taste, and pairings.

While we’re away, our hours will be shortened this week:  Friday and Saturday Bizzi’s will close at 5:00 p.m.  We’ll still have wine and cheese flights for you, so stop in.  Zach is hoping to whip up something delicious for your eating pleasure, and our capable floor staff is ready to pour you a taste of our special wines.

Be ready, Bedford and beyond!  We will be bringing new cheeses in starting next week!  We’ve added 10 new wines, and will be adding others.   How better to spend your weekends than sitting in our cool grotto sipping a lovely wine?

Elaine aka Bizzi

Also, check out our new website at  We thought it would be easier to remember and communicate over the phone while the beastly cheese case is raging.  Can’t wait to see everybody after cheese boot camp!!!  We will all be 3 pounds heavier (if we do it right)!


We’re havin’ a heat waaaave…a tropical heat wave

I’m melting…melting.  Just like the wicked witch of the West (to whom, I have been told, I bear a passing resemblance).  I’ve been looking longingly at the couches in Bizzi’s:  just one little rest while being fanned with palm fronds and hand-fed grapes.  OK, now back to reality.  We have the air conditioning on, cool salads & sandwiches, and some great wines on ice.  Our menu this week has been all about light summer fare, so even our pasta (did I mention that it is made right here with a hand roller) is thin and the sauces fresh & light.

Our wine & cheese flights this weekend were also put together with beating the heat in mind.  We are featuring five scrumptious California wines and three California cheeses.  We’ve visited all the California dairies, so can personally vouch for the terrific people & operations that put these artisan cheeses out there for our enjoyment.

Throw on your flip flops and your sunglasses and come on out to see us.  Open until 9:30 pm Friday and Saturday nights.  We’ll keep the light off for you.


Elaine aka Bizzi