Bedford's Best Wine and Cheese Experience

Food, Glorious Food!!!

About sliders.  I’m a big fan.  Little tiny sandwiches with the perfect couple of bites of meat and accompaniments.  This week we’ve been in a little kitchen competition to make the best slider trio ever, and it’s been hard to choose the best ones (OK, now I know why you can’t trust a skinny chef – and fortunately I’m not one of THOSE).  Here are some of our experiments:   barbecued pulled pork with caramelized onions and smoked provolone, flank steak marinated in lime juice and brown sugar with homemade horseradish mayo (yes, the mayo is homemade), beef tenderloin with blue cheese, Portobello mushroom with red pepper sauce, a chicken club … pickled onion, truffle butter, bacon, saged apples, tomato, blue cheese.  All the food groups.  The whole kitchen crew has both cooked and eaten every combination.  So we have three itty bitty winners that we serve with rosemary roasted potatoes.  Also wonderful.  I have eaten … oh, maybe 15 sliders this week.  And about 10 pounds of potatoes.  Our staff is looking a little puffy now.  But we have a great special – try it (you won’t be puffy after only one special)!

Next topic.  Wine flights.  This weekend it’s French wines and French cheeses.  OMG!  Doesn’t get much better.




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