Bedford's Best Wine and Cheese Experience

Our tastings expand!

In Fridays and Saturdays, we will now be offering wine, beer and cheese flights.  What’s a cheese flight, you ask?  Well, we serve you a slice of three fine cheeses with toasts, fresh baked bread, dried fruit and grapes.   What makes a cheese flight really yummy is that each cheese has been selected to go with your beverage of choice.  So if you have chosen the red wine flight, not only have we picked out five terrific wines to taste, but the cheeses that go with the red wine flight are matched to the wines!  We ourselves have been known to nosh on tasty little morsels of cheese and fresh bread.  And sometimes we follow it up with a nice glass of vino.

Getting tired of the heat?  Would a nice frosty beer help quench your thirst? How about a Flemish Red Ale with a hint of berries and a hoppy finish?  We offer a selection of specialty beers matched to our artisanal cheeses!  Come check it out!

Enough, already.  Got to get back in the kitchen to bake dessert.


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