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We’ve been telling you all about our epic kitchen contests to come up with delicious new dishes.  This morning I had to lie down on the bed to zip my jeans.  DANGER, WILL ROBINSON!  I blame all this on our new chef…let me introduce you to Zach Monteith.  He’s been in the restaurant business for 16 years and just finished his course work at Le Cordon Bleu.  And, baby, can he cook!  Turns out that he can sing and dance as well, but we’ll leave that story for another time.

We’ve had a couple of shock and awe days – very, very busy (that’s ever so good…unless you happen to be washing dishes in our exceedingly hot kitchen), and have also added more floor help to our little family bunch o’ employees (more on them in the weeks to come).

We’ll keep our pasta specials next week – mostly so I can eat one of them every day.  Best marinara sauce I’ve ever had on the mezzaluna (cute little raviolis stuffed with fresh spinach & ricotta).   And cherries jubilee for dessert.  OMG!

Open until 9:30 Friday and Saturday nights – enjoy the wine and cheese flights!  I believe I’ll have another dessert.


A couple of things this week (or maybe three).

One:  I’ve been told that we need to extend our hours.  Most people know that when I’m up late I either nod off or misbehave – neither of which is too smart up here at Bizzi’s.  That said, we will extend our hours on Friday & Saturday nights until 9:30 p.m. starting July 29th.  My dogs are definitely barking by about 6:00 p.m. if I’ve been cooking all day, but I’ve been told that it’s a family business, which means that other people can work into the night and I can go soak my feet (I just can’t expect them to come in early the next day).  OK, already.  Just don’t tell me I look tired.

Two:  Last week I ate many, many sliders.  With roasted rosemary potatoes.  Absolute heaven.  This week it’s been homemade pasta with roasted red pepper sauce and spicy Italian sausage.  And Caesar salad.  And the occasional slider again.  If you’ve ever had freshly made pasta, you know that it is divine.  So, my quest to beef up both my menu and my 5’4” frame is succeeding.  Next week, we’ll be offering new desserts.  Imagine the contest to find the best ones of those!

Three:  Two wine flights this weekend:  White – Chardonnays and Red – Cabernet Sauvignons … with matching cheeses.  My daughter can match cheese with wine like some of you match your shoes and your purses.  Yep, she’s really good.

Business is picking up!  So come see us and order some delectable food  & vino or just a cheese plate!


Food, Glorious Food!!!

About sliders.  I’m a big fan.  Little tiny sandwiches with the perfect couple of bites of meat and accompaniments.  This week we’ve been in a little kitchen competition to make the best slider trio ever, and it’s been hard to choose the best ones (OK, now I know why you can’t trust a skinny chef – and fortunately I’m not one of THOSE).  Here are some of our experiments:   barbecued pulled pork with caramelized onions and smoked provolone, flank steak marinated in lime juice and brown sugar with homemade horseradish mayo (yes, the mayo is homemade), beef tenderloin with blue cheese, Portobello mushroom with red pepper sauce, a chicken club … pickled onion, truffle butter, bacon, saged apples, tomato, blue cheese.  All the food groups.  The whole kitchen crew has both cooked and eaten every combination.  So we have three itty bitty winners that we serve with rosemary roasted potatoes.  Also wonderful.  I have eaten … oh, maybe 15 sliders this week.  And about 10 pounds of potatoes.  Our staff is looking a little puffy now.  But we have a great special – try it (you won’t be puffy after only one special)!

Next topic.  Wine flights.  This weekend it’s French wines and French cheeses.  OMG!  Doesn’t get much better.



Our tastings expand!

In Fridays and Saturdays, we will now be offering wine, beer and cheese flights.  What’s a cheese flight, you ask?  Well, we serve you a slice of three fine cheeses with toasts, fresh baked bread, dried fruit and grapes.   What makes a cheese flight really yummy is that each cheese has been selected to go with your beverage of choice.  So if you have chosen the red wine flight, not only have we picked out five terrific wines to taste, but the cheeses that go with the red wine flight are matched to the wines!  We ourselves have been known to nosh on tasty little morsels of cheese and fresh bread.  And sometimes we follow it up with a nice glass of vino.

Getting tired of the heat?  Would a nice frosty beer help quench your thirst? How about a Flemish Red Ale with a hint of berries and a hoppy finish?  We offer a selection of specialty beers matched to our artisanal cheeses!  Come check it out!

Enough, already.  Got to get back in the kitchen to bake dessert.