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We are coming soon…really.

This is Bizzi’s in February. We have come a long way but still have a few details to wrap up.

This is the granite that was installed on April 15th. The picture doesn’t do it justice. The slab is appropriately named Crema Bordeaux. Gorgeous!!

Well, I can tell you this. I now know – as do all our family members, including my energetic 80-year old mother – how to paint like a pro. Without the pro equipment. That means that it took us eight weeks to do what a professional painter can do in two days. But…we take PRIDE in our work, and sharing lunch at our place with lots of our big family has been loads of fun!

Things are starting to happen fast – of course, not fast enough – but every day we see changes to our little bistro layout. This week the vent-a-hood (we know all about them now, so ask us the gory details…) and the granite are going in. We’re nearly done painting (at which time our rollers and paintbrushes may just get retired to the Painter’s Hall of Fame). The kitchen plumbing gets hooked up tomorrow, and so does the electricity.

The menu is finalized, the prices set, the wine chosen, the cheese ready to ship, and the bread recipes perfected. Original art is getting framed and shelves are getting installed. Soft seating is on its way here. Landscaping…nearly there. Tables and chairs…check. Now all we have to do is calibrate our ovens – then we’ll swing wide our doors and hope to see and serve you!

Sure is lucky we heart wine and cheese so much, or we might have just given up – this is so much harder than we anticipated, and much more expensive. Also lucky that my daughter (we call her either “Pioneer Woman” or “The Velvet Hammer”, whichever irritates her more in any given situation) is so plucky.

See you soon.