Bedford's Best Wine and Cheese Experience

Bizzi’s Wine and Cheese Bistro is coming soon to Bedford, TX!

Welcome Bizzi’s readers.

We expect to be serving fine wine and great cheeses to the Bedford area sometime in the next few months.  As Tracy mentioned in her I HEART CHEESE blog, “Before the advent of refrigeration and the knowledge of microorganisms, keeping food fresh enough to eat was a big business”.  We fervently hope that in Bedford, Texas fresh food is still a big business.  In that regard, Bizzis will reflect our philosophy that food is fundamental to the human experience in ways that transcend the ‘food, clothing and shelter’ concept of eating because we must do so to survive.  There are three pillars to that philosophy:

1. Good food is cause for celebration. We are social creatures and when we gather together, more often than not we do so over food and drinks.  However, the bland, over-processed food found in so many restaurants now does not do our taste buds justice.  It is time to reignite our love affair with food.

2. Good food is important to good health.  The secret is to use fresh, natural foods that are nutritious as well as flavorful.  Healthy foods come from the Earth not from a can whose ingredients sound like they belong on a chemistry exam.

3. Good food is a link between human beings and the Earth that sustains us.  The recent surge of interest in organic produce, local sourcing and sustainable, humane farming methods reflects a growing public uneasiness with the industrial processes we rely on to provide our food.  As intelligent people it is not unreasonable to seek alternatives to eating food laced with pesticides, antibiotics and preservatives.

Bizzis will be a venue where people who share in this philosophy can gather and share good times and good food.  We look forward to serving you.


One response

  1. Joe

    Send some of that day old bread back to OK City with your little sister….I love it!
    Best wishes on your opening…Love…Joe

    May 26, 2011 at 12:20 pm

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