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I Heart Cheese

I Heart Cheese – Feb 1, 2011

It is the oldest profession in the world.  No, not that one!  Cheesemaking.  Before the advent of refrigeration and the knowledge of microorganisms, keeping food fresh enough to eat was a big business.  Making cheese was just a way to keep your milk edible, and the art form has risen to the challenge.  Cheese has travelled through time and landed on our doorstep in 2011 with a surprising array of textures, flavors, and origins.

In America, we eat a lot, a whole lot, of cheese.  But I would venture to say we eat a lot of really bad cheese.  Sorry Kraft singles, while I give a shout out to your ability to melt and add salt to a cheeseburger, what I really think is…ew.  There are so many better choices to add a flavor punch to whatever you are eating.  In fact, I say save the beef patty and just give me a wedge of Brillat-Savarin on a ciabatta roll and I am a happy girl.

When I say happy, I really mean it.  Cheese is emotionally evocative in a way that connects us to our history as humans (the inner shepherd, if you will).  There is a moment when you take a bite of Adelle and the little voice in your head says, “Mmm, tastes sheepy.”  After the horror that you have recognized such a thing subsides, your mind fills with pictures of the grassy foothills of the Cascades in Oregon being grazed by content sheep and cow herds that offer up their milk so we can taste a little bit of somewhere else.

Cheese can transport you to France (that Brillat-Savarin I was talking about), Italy, Spain, or bring you home to Texas where the cow and goat farms stretch across the rolling hills around Austin.  There is a plethora of good cheese that can be found right here at home.  When we visited the Mozzarella Cheese Co. in Dallas, TX we were met with a great crew that was ready to share in the cheese experience.  We found a culture that exists right here in our own backyard.  If you ask me, it is simply not as accessible as it needs to be.  Enter Bizzi’s, your cheese shop.  Let’s travel together to places we have been, places we would like to see, and let’s share those experiences.  Meet your inner shepherd.


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